mildly interesting

I am mildly interested in: why airplanes stay in the air what keeps my house standing how food is made more so, what is in my food how our heart keeps us alive what's at Area 51 how deep the ocean is what the universe all holds how long I will live what the government… Continue reading mildly interesting

march 31, 2021 – worn out

I'll be honest, I am pretty worn out today. This was our first week back to school being full in-person with students. It's also the end of the quarter. My day was full of grading, running around, making sure students were getting their late stuff done, emails upon emails, phone calls, dealing with crabby people,… Continue reading march 31, 2021 – worn out


I bought flowers yesterday. I had been wanting to buy flowers for a long time. Every time we go to the grocery store, I walk back and forth staring at them. I talk myself in and out of buying them about five different times before I decide it is not a necessity and I will… Continue reading flowers


I’m feeling rather empty today. I am a Head JV girl’s basketball coach and assistant to varsity in the school district I teach in. Last night, we played our third playoff game, the game to go to state, and lost. I am no stranger to this feeling. I have lived it many times before. I… Continue reading empty


A few quotes have been heavy on my mind lately, ever since I saw one like them while surfing Pinterest. Here is the gist: “Indecision is the thief of opportunity.” “The biggest killer of dreams is indecision.” I don't know if I've every fully considered this. I've never really thought about how not doing anything… Continue reading decisions


Anxiety is something that has plagued my life in a negative way the past two-ish years - more intensely, the last six months. However, I have experienced some form of it for most of my life, especially as I look back. I'm definitely more "prone" to it, you might say. This is probably a very… Continue reading anxiety