things that make me happy

I realized today that I tend to write about heavy things.

I think I do this because writing is a way for me to work through some of my deepest emotions.

But I think it’s important for me to practice writing happy things too.

A big part of being a writer is noticing details. So, here is a list of things – both small and big – that make me happy:

  • the way snow blows off of buildings or trees and if you have the perfect angle, it looks like it is precipitating sparkles
  • the feeling you get right before a thunderstorm or rain, when you’ve spent the whole day outside and just showered and all you have to do is wait and watch for the clouds to roll in
  • the first bite of ice cream after you get your order
  • the first snowfall (I am a true Wisconsinite at heart)
  • having a whole day to yourself and a good book to read
  • when you have time to sit down and watch your favorite show
  • Christmas lights – anywhere at any time of the year (but when they reflect off the snow, it’s special)
  • seeing Christmas trees through windows as you drive by
  • turning on college gameday on a brisk October Saturday morning (especially in a college town)
  • the way it feels to sleep with the windows open in the summer and it is just chilly enough to need some light blankets
  • feeling the stillness of the morning when you wake up early enough to see the world come to life
  • how it feels to get into bed the night before a day off
  • drinking water when you’re really thirsty
  • the way it feels when the sun warms your body all on its own
  • walks at dusk on humid days when the last bit of light is fading and the fog is setting in
  • memories
  • going to get coffee on a Saturday morning
  • basketball
  • sitting by a fire outside and making smores
  • when it’s sunny out but it’s also raining and the rain looks all sparkly coming down in the reflection of the sun (maybe it’s a Midwest thing idk)
  • farmer’s markets
  • the first day of school
  • making people laugh
  • going to sleep in a hotel
  • sitting on the deck in the summer after suppertime of a long day and just taking in the sunlight, and knowing you have the rest of the night to settle in and be comfy
  • eating a popsicle
  • the color of the leaves in autumn and the way they blow around everywhere
  • finishing to do lists
  • quality time with your siblings
  • getting a text or dm from one of your best friends
  • spending uninterrupted leisure time with your parents
  • the beach
  • a North Dakota sunset (figured this one out in college)
  • when spring and summer are coming and you can hear the birds chirping in the morning
  • putting on clothes that are freshly warm out of the dryer

Ahh, I could go on for a long time. I hope this list brings a smile to your face, like it did mine.

love always, caitlin

7 thoughts on “things that make me happy

  1. Wow! That is quite a list. I love this idea for a SOL. There were so many I would put on my list, too. Anything to do with Christmas lights, coming out of the shower or sunsets are at the top of my list!

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  2. What a lovely idea: each feels like a seed for another piece of writing. Ages and ages ago there was a popular book called 10,000 Things to Be Happy About, a small brick of a thing that my parents kept among the little books in the bathroom. I remember “the angle of your head when you bite into a taco,” which I always thought was so funny, and which I think about whenever I bite into a taco. So, I love the idea of bringing attention to these things. In part, it’s the noticing and the writing of it that reminds us to give the thing attention, which in turn brings greater joy.

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