a writer’s life

I recently found a subscription box made for writers. If you research “go scribbler” you will find it. I couldn’t be more excited for the box to arrive. They also have an Instagram that seems very inspiring and welcoming.

One of the items that appears to be in a recent box was a mug that says “Writing – Somewhere between fun and torture.”

How true is that?

I love to write and I also hate it.

I realize that I am talented (to some), yet I also feel like I suck at it.

Somedays, I think my ideas are brilliant and the next day, I think those very same ideas are really stupid and wonder who would read them.

I wonder if other writers feel this way.

I get confused on if I should type all my writing, if I should write all my writing, if I should do a mixture, and if so, what do I type and what do I write?

What stories do I share and what stories do I keep to myself?

How do I write a novel?

I’m guessing this is just all part of being a writer.

Sometimes it gets hard to envision where you will be with your writing before you get there because of the tedious process it is.

It’s hard to see the book being published.

I guess I just thought I’d share some of my thoughts today, since I’ve felt all of these things today – and many days.

love always, caitlin

6 thoughts on “a writer’s life

  1. Dear Caitlin,

    I love your love letter – and yes, I think many writers feel this way! I finally finished the massive task of finishing my first self-published book a couple of years ago – and I still cringe a bit calling myself a writer because I wonder if I’m a “real” writer. I keep telling myself, “Yes!”

    I think everything you’re feeling is perfectly normal, and I still feel many of those things daily. I so easily relate to what you’ve said – and I find consolation in knowing that I am not alone. Thank you so much for sharing this slice. It is most meaningful. May you continue to enjoy this roller coaster of a journey.

    You are talented indeed.

    With Warmest Regards,

    ~Carla Michelle

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  2. I love the mug! “Writing – Somewhere between fun and torture.” So true! Sometimes when I post my Slice of Life I think: That’s a good one…but mostly, I think I should probably post it during a time of day when there’s a chance nobody will see it! But in the end, who cares what others think. Just keep following your passions.

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  3. Like others have said these are the thoughts of writers. I write both on my computer and in a notebook. My personal writing I do by hand and my blog and ideas for possible books go directly on my computer to be saved. My husband a professional writer (meaning he gets paid to write) does everything on computer so he can alway search for thoughts and ideas. I know some writers use only a computer and others only paper. It depends on what you are comfortable with. The idea is to play with all of it and find what fits for you. You are a writer if you write. it is as simple as that! Enjoy the process if you can. Don’t worry about a book just write. it there is a longer story to be written you will find it over time. Lots of good thinking in this post!

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  4. I used to think alot about my writing – with all the same questions. And now I just write. I have some groups I participate in and they help me up my game and give me the feedback I need. But I’ve also realized that it is just for me that I write so I doubt less and write more.

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