big mistake

Admittedly, I fell off of my routine for posting daily. I ended up getting pretty sick the second half of my Spring Break.

As it comes to an end tonight, I figured I would get back into the spirit of school by looking for a short, sweet, light-hearted post from my drafts:

Towards the end of February, I told my students that we were going to do the March Slice of Life. This is my second year doing it personally, but I’ve never done it with a group of students. Therefore, I did not know that for them, it was during April.

I figured this out shortly after March began, and before I started teaching one hour, I said, “So, Ms. Michaelis made a little mistake,” to which they all perked up. Kids love when adults make mistakes. I’ve chosen to embrace it, although sometimes my pride still takes a hit.

Since I had their unabated attention, I continued, “…I found out last night that for the teachers, it is the March Slice of Life, but for the students, it is the April Slice of Life. We’re still going to do it, but it’s going to be in April.”

I saw some smiles, some “I could care less if we do it all” face’s, heard some “Awes…”, a few “Everyone makes mistakes,” to make me feel better.

And then, I heard one of my students say, as factually as ever, “That is not a small mistake.”

It made me chuckle.

Oh, kids. They are so honest. If you ever want to know the real truth, just ask them. 🙂

love always, caitlin


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