my first love

You have to understand When someone says "basketball" I don't think of a perfectly executed 1-3-1 I don't think of one of MJs last second shot still-frames No, When someone says “basketball” I think of a hot summer night no wind a million stars and a garage light on so I can see the ball… Continue reading my first love



I’m feeling rather empty today. I am a Head JV girl’s basketball coach and assistant to varsity in the school district I teach in. Last night, we played our third playoff game, the game to go to state, and lost. I am no stranger to this feeling. I have lived it many times before. I… Continue reading empty

internal clock

My body rhythm is so off. This is the time schedule I usually work on: FallHalloweenStart of basketball seasonThanksgivingMiddle of basketball seasonChristmasDepths of basketball seasonMy birthdayEnd of basketball seasonPLAYOFFsSpringSummer My internal clock works in tandem with how light it is outside in comparison to what part of basketball season is happening. Basketball season starts in… Continue reading internal clock