I've been absent for a couple of days. Friday was our last day before spring break. We had a half-day and I went down to Milwaukee to watch two of the March Madness games, one of them being the Badgers. I got up early Saturday morning to go to Madison from Milwaukee to watch Championship… Continue reading absent



It has been just over three months since I last posted on my blog. Since then, there has been a many significant changes in my life - some of them external, big life changes, some of them internal, mental and emotional shifts, which have kept me very busy. A valid excuse for not posting my… Continue reading change


I’m feeling rather empty today. I am a Head JV girl’s basketball coach and assistant to varsity in the school district I teach in. Last night, we played our third playoff game, the game to go to state, and lost. I am no stranger to this feeling. I have lived it many times before. I… Continue reading empty