i needed them

I drafted this post on March 1st. I kept waiting and waiting for the perfect time to post this because it means a lot to me and it is a vulnerable post. Now, it's March 31st, and so I've got to post it. When we are learning to be teachers, I feel something that is… Continue reading i needed them


“teach me”

I always do a board message each day for my students to answer. Today's was "Thoughtful Thursday". Usually, I write, "What is something thoughtful you can do for others today?" However, today I wrote, "What is something thoughtful someone else has done for you this week?" in an effort to focus their attention on what… Continue reading “teach me”


I think the most beautiful part of my day happened after lunch. Our students were filtering back to the classroom, getting what they needed, and going to the bathroom. One of our students - who talks a lot, asks endless questions about everything, helps us make sure we drink enough water in the day, you… Continue reading giggles