the life of a writer

I've been thinking a lot about my life as a writer. I think I've even written about this before. Since I've been in my new apartment, I've had room to spread out my things (my notebooks, books, and pens) and make room to actually be creative in my own space. And, I thought that being… Continue reading the life of a writer



I've been absent for a couple of days. Friday was our last day before spring break. We had a half-day and I went down to Milwaukee to watch two of the March Madness games, one of them being the Badgers. I got up early Saturday morning to go to Madison from Milwaukee to watch Championship… Continue reading absent

“teach me”

I always do a board message each day for my students to answer. Today's was "Thoughtful Thursday". Usually, I write, "What is something thoughtful you can do for others today?" However, today I wrote, "What is something thoughtful someone else has done for you this week?" in an effort to focus their attention on what… Continue reading “teach me”


I’m feeling rather empty today. I am a Head JV girl’s basketball coach and assistant to varsity in the school district I teach in. Last night, we played our third playoff game, the game to go to state, and lost. I am no stranger to this feeling. I have lived it many times before. I… Continue reading empty